ALC can design and deliver custom workshops for student-athletes, coaches and athletics staffs.  Each workshop will include context, case studies, and easily implemented tools and strategies designed for use on the field of play later that day.  Workshops will engage the participants in peer-peer exchange, and well as thoughtful introspection.


Popular workshop topics include:


Leading Self

Core Values, Core Strengths, Accountability, DiSC assessment

Leading Others

Influence, Followership, Mentoring, Communication, Emotional Intelligence

Leading from the Front

Power, Goal-Setting, Conflict Management, Leadership Styles, Ethical Leadership, Managing Up, Determination-Resilience-Perseverance, Mission Accomplishment



Workshops are not limited to the above topics, and may be fully custom-designed.  All material will be put into the context of your athletics program, and will be reflective of your specific desired outcomes.


Program length is typically offered in half-day sessions, but may be adjusted to suit your program’s needs.