Not long ago, an athletics team’s success was largely predicated upon the talent listed on its roster.  Though talent still matters, today’s teams are also vying for advantage through facilities upgrades, high-performance programs (strength and conditioning, nutrition, sports psychology), and the addition of other athlete-focused amenities.  None of these elements is sustainable; inevitably, a competitor will catch up.  We believe that your long-term competitive advantage is the leadership you are able to develop within your teams.


Leadership is your sustainable, competitive advantage.


How do we get the leaders we need?  It is unreasonable to expect an athlete to simply “figure it out”.  Leadership is a skill, and it can be learned; like any other skill, it must be cultivated and honed over time.  If a student arrives on campus and wants to study chemistry, he/she is not told to “be a chemist” with no accompanying roadmap.  Instead, these skills are developed in a two-part process:

(1) a didactic framework is provided in a classroom:  lecture, discussion, peer-peer engagement

(2) experiential learning:  lab experiments, reflection, discovery of concepts for oneself


The competitive athletics arena is experiential leadership learning at its best, but for athletes to fully develop their leadership skills, a didactic framework is also needed to help them put their experience into context. Athletics Leadership Consulting (ALC) empowers organizations to create, implement, and facilitate this framework in-house.


ALC designs practical programming for athletes, coaches, and supporting staff. Our approach is action-focused; clients will leave our sessions with leadership techniques that can be used the very same day at practice.  We will get you started, and train you to continue the programming in our absence.  It is often assumed that leadership development programs are expensive, time-intensive, and/or too challenging to build from the ground up.  This need not be the case!  With facilitators from your department, you can deliver highly effective programming at a minimal cost. The greatest investment is the time required to develop your unique framework, and to get your people trained.  With extensive collective experience in doing just that, ALC enjoys assisting with the most daunting part of the process, and then empowering athletics organizations to sustain the programming long after we have left campus.


ALC does not believe in “one size fits all” leadership programming.  Every organization is different, and any leadership programming offered should reflect the unique values, goals, and audience it is designed to address.  ALC will partner with you to understand your desired outcomes, and then custom-design the programming that will help you to get there.  Additionally, we believe that followership is as important to develop as leadership; no organization can thrive without individuals comfortable and confident as both leader and follower.  Consequently, any programming developed is done with the intent of building both the leaders – and followers – your organization needs to thrive.


Strong, intentional leadership makes all teams better.  Though ALC certainly hopes that with enhanced leadership development your athletic programs will enjoy increased success, all athletes will eventually transition to a life post-sport and this is where the greatest value from these programs is realized.  We believe that confident, capable leaders (and followers) make all organizations better, and the leadership skills learned while competing will be what allow our young men/women to continue to differentiate themselves long after the last whistle.


Leadership is your sustainable, competitive advantage.


Though ALC is open to working with all athletics organizations, we specialize in intercollegiate athletics.  We uniquely understand the complexities of the collegiate athletics environment, and enjoy bringing our expertise in this area to assist athletics departments in launching programming with immediate and far-reaching impact.