Athlete Summit

One of the most effective ways to launch your leadership development program is with a student-athlete summit.  This event concentrates your most important leadership messages into a 1-2 day event where your selected student-athletes will engage in peer-peer dialogue that allows them to share their experiences, build trust, and collaborate on the most meaningful ways in which to advance leadership within their respective teams.  A summit builds confidence, camaraderie, and solidifies the student-athletes’ recognition of themselves as the influential leaders that they are within your program.


ALC can design a custom summit based on your program’s desired outcomes, and tailor it to your organization’s unique culture and mission.  We will develop the programming that empowers your student-athletes to take ownership of the leadership skills/traits that you deem most important for the sustained success of your program.  As with all ALC programming, our content is action-oriented.  We do not believe discussion is enough; we will challenge your student-athletes to take action on the concepts presented in ways that are authentic to them, and in alignment with each individual team’s unique culture and values.


A summit can be a standalone event, or the foundation for an increasingly robust leadership development curriculum for your program.  In addition to creating the content, ALC will also advise you on how to select your participants and how to transition the content to a broader programmatic offering.  We will deliver the initial content, and train your in-house staff to facilitate it on all occasions thereafter.